Heydouga 4030-PPV1819 Yui Shimazaki of new employees for work !!

Heydouga 4030-PPV1819 Yui Shimazaki of new employees for work !!

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And wrap the lactic acid bacteria in the chocolate, but seems to reach up to 100 times more of the lactic acid bacteria is the gut as compared to the case where not wrapped, Valentine chocolate play usually of 100 times the sperm appeared to reach the uterus … duck w … this Valentine season and actress us is, Osanagao remains of innocence, bright smile is dazzling Yui Shimazaki. Boss where Yui of new employees is a gift favorite chocolate to male employees had heard listened to Valentine. Although a serious contract negotiations smoothly willing not not itself difficulties with other companies will be in the afternoon. When the boss is having a head, just Yui-chan has been carrying a cup of tea! Boss order to establish a business negotiation, hanging with you Shaburitsuki with your loyal customers to hold out and delicious to Pechapecha to dripping and body in chocolate undressed of Yui-chan!

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